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Description: Every year generous supporters from the Good Will Network program at JCAN donate baskets of food for families in need during Ramadan. Families can register confidentially at either JCAN centre.

JCAN organizes language courses, tutoring and conversation clubs in Qufr Aqab for teenagers and adults eager to learn and strengthen their language skills. The language program is a great way to improve your English and Hebrew through fun and engaging exercises.

With our partners, JCAN runs activities for children in Qufr Aqab. From storytelling, games, sports,

Throughout the year, JCAN runs numerous life-skills workshops (such as positive parenting practices,

Since there are no public places for people to meet in Qufr Aqab, JCAN runs a weekly social club for women to connect and build friendships and community together.
Jerusalem Community Advocacy Network

Main Branch : Kufr Aqab -
Main Street opposite
to sekal Behind Tanour alquds

Phone:  +972-2-2366660


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