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Advocacy and Public Awareness


  •  The role of communities as stakeholders in identifying and prioritizing problems and formulating policies that affect their lives.  
  •  The community right-based approach to lobby for certain policies and to influence the government.
  • The development and education of marginalized people on better ways and methods for the presentation of cases, defending them and organizing to make people more effective in influencing those involved in local and national decision-making processes.
  •  The increase of the community awareness level targeting the disabled, elderly, poor and the environment.


We work with various groups on the national level in order to influence policy decision-making and to ensure proper implementation of laws. We also focus on information dissemination, coordination and cooperation among the government and civil society. Preparation and dissemination of protocols on new legislation, guidelines, training and education are strong and important components to our methodology. 

Jerusalem Community Advocacy Network

Main Branch : Kufr Aqab -
Main Street opposite
to sekal Behind Tanour alquds

Phone:  +972-2-2366660


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