Family reunification case of Mrs. Nahla

The case of Mrs. Nahla is one of JCAN’s most successful cases. Nahla, a former resident of Tulkarem in the West Bank is married to a man from East Jerusalem. Due to her status as a resident under the Palestinian Authority, Nahla, as well as her three children were prevented from legally residing with her husband in East Jerusalem and her access to insurance and health care was denied. After the unification of the family was repeatedly refused by the Ministry of Interior, Mrs. Nahla approached JCAN for legal assistance. With the help of JCAN the children of Mrs. Nahla received resident status, which was critical because one of the children suffered significant burns and required medical treatment. The family is especially glad that the application process for the residency permission of this child succeeded. This child suffered under constant bullying and humiliation in her school and is the happier about the granting of her residency permission. While the application of Mrs. Nahla herself is still pending, we are confident that JCAN’s efforts are going result in a successful unification.